“The National Union of Ghana Students is the mother association of all student bodies in Ghana. In times past, it was a unit of change that inspired confidence in being Ghanaian and echoed the strength of the Ghanaian identity with her ability to demand and influence change on national issues. Overtime however, it lost its potency and pedestal and was reduced to a tool of scorn and shame. This book recounts the steps I took, with support of several others to attempt a restoration of NUGS to its former glory. It focuses on the strength that is available when the will is present. It is a viable material for anyone contemplating change in a difficult or improbable situation and would serve as a refreshing manual for student leaders or anyone aspiring to hold a position in student governance”

“It has always been a dream to produce a book that captures what strides and lessons I have imbibed in the periods within which I have served. Perhaps, suggesting it has been an ‘always’ dream overstretches my claim because I can very much recall when this ambition took seed. Of the many things I admired about Ghana’s first president, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, his willingness to document his experiences and thoughts stood out. This was noticeably absent from many his peers, an assertion I make without risk of error. At my time of reading Nkrumah’s “Towards Colonial Freedom”, there was no other book by Dr Nkrumah I had read. Nonetheless, the painstaking efforts he took to document the colonial struggles and most importantly, what those struggles meant for the emancipation movement, was striking.”

“This book has been a reflection of my favorite year. It is a story of a dream that started in the most revolutionary space a university campus can boast of. It is in this respect that I draw focus to the need for the youth to pay attention to ICT development. Technology has overridden the most basic human activity. There is no telling what the future is in this enterprise. A technologically driven youth population is one that is ready to meet the demands of the emerging global economy. NUGS should prepare for this revolution and be seen leading the charge in this regard. It spells progress for the Union and would be a welcoming departure from the horrors that have characterized the union in recent times. I am confident about the future. You really should too!”

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