Mr. Antonio Edem Asinyo

The National Union of Ghana Students wishes to use this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Antonio Edem Asinyo, on his election to the Presidency of the World University Debate Championship (WUDC) on January, 1st 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mr. Antonio, a Ghanaian, is the coach of the University of Ghana Debate Society and a veteran debater on the West African debate circuit. NUGS is proud and congratulates Mr. Antonio Edem Asinyo for making history as the first Ghanaian to be elected president of the Council.

Mr. Antinio Edem Asinyo was elected alongside Mr. Julio Meyer from Mexico, Tshiamo Malatjii from South Africa and Kerrin R. from New Zealand as Registrar, Secretary and Equity Officer respectively.

The WUDC Council is the sovereign body that among other mandates, governs and oversees the running of the prestigious World University Debate Championship.

Edem was Convenor for the Pan African Universities Debate Championship 2015 (PAUDC) which was hosted by the University of Ghana and has been instrumental in the development of the quality and scope of debating as a sport in West Africa. He is also the first coach of the University of Ghana Debate Society under the auspices of the University of Ghana Sports Directorate.

Its our hope that he continues to train the youth to be better debators, to speak up against the wrongs in society and change the status quo.


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