The National Union of Ghana Students on Monday, June 17, 2019 embarked on a gas safety sensitization tour in some selected Junior High Schools to fully equip the students on the requisite safety precautions in the use of gas domestically and elsewhere.

In collaboration with the Ghana National Gas Corporation and the Ghana National Fire Service, NUGS undertook this education exercise at the Supreme Saviour JHS and WESCO Demonstration JHS.

The students and staff gave the delegation from NUGS a befitting welcome despite the short notice.

“We have noticed the significant surge in fires borne out of improper use of gas. The casualties cannot keep mounting and there is a clear need to educate our constituents on the safety precautions necessary for the operation of gas”,

Kobby Otchere Marfo, who is the Press and Information Secretary, said.

The Union was privileged to have Mr. Opoku Aikens, Chief Fire Officer of the Manhyia Ghana Fire Station and some Fire Service personnel to educate the students on gas fire prevention measures.

Mr Aikens in his address drew to the attention of the students the link between cooking gas and air and how fatal gas is when ingested.

“Because gas is lighter than air, it can move to any direction rather rapidly. A gas leak from a source can fuel a fire at another place, The fire travels towards the gas leak. This is known as the fuel chain. Whenever a gas leak occurs and it gets into your room, in the case of a fire starting, bear in mind that your room will also be burnt. That’s the major problem gas brings”,

Mr Aikens said.

He cautioned the students to be very careful with gas and always check their cylinders to see if it’s not leaking before they start using it.

NUGS has taken this project up to ensure that students of Ghana are well educated when it comes to precautions and guidelines on the use of gas in their homes and schools.

The local secretariats of NUGS will also be involved with similar gas safety education projects at their respective areas with support and endorsement from the National Secretariat.

NUGS is committed to advocating, educating and safeguarding the interests of Ghanaian students.

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