The National Union of Ghana Students on Wednesday, 19th December 2018 took part of the National Stakeholders Consultation on the review of the 2010 National Youth Policy at the Accra Digital centre.

The team was led by H.E Richmond Asare TINKARO, President of the National Union of Ghana Students who gave a speech to support the review of the youth policy to inculcate new ideas that will help solve the current challenges of youth in the country and as well suggested that plans must be put in place to take the jobless youth out of the streets ,market places and lorry stations in order to provide better opportunities for their livelihood.

The NUGS President, H.E Tinkaro Asare speaking at the event stated that, the review of the policy was needed in order to get a document that will be relevant to the International protocols and frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2063 of the African Union.

The stated that, NUGS is focused on the implementation of the new policy and reaffirmed the Union’s trust that the National Youth Authority will help in ensuring the successful implementation of the policy. The Union as well appreciated the commitment from the Commonwealth secretariat and the government of Ghana towards the successful implementation of this review of the Youth Policy.

The President of NUGS, H.E Tinkaro also suggested that the National Youth Authority partners with the National Union of Ghana Students to embark on quarterly volunteering programs to inculcate the spirit of patriotism and nationalism among the youth of this country.

“The focus of the review must be on implementation, and the review will only be complete when there are plans and assurances that the review will help factor in measures aimed at taking the youth/children out of the streets in Ghana especially those at the marketplaces ,lorry stations who engage in all unhealthy activities all with the motive of making a living. “

– H.E Richmond Asare TINKARO said.

Tinkaro stated that NUGS is committed to the policy and will work at ensuring the successful review of the new policy for the benefit of the over 16 million youth of this country who are almost two-third of the Countries policy..

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