The National Union of Ghana Students’ (NUGS) General Secretary, Mr.Pius Yeboah Nimako on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 led a delegation to meet with Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, who is the Chief Imam of Ghana, a member of the National Peace Council and the founder of the SONSETFund and IPASEC at his residence in Fadama to launch a counter terrorism project.

The launch was centered on counter terrorism, identification of conflicts factors and strategic measures to prevent conflicts in order to promote peace and security in Ghana.

NUGS in close collaboration with the Islamic Research Association of Ghana, Islamic Peace and Security Council of Ghana and the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) have devised a plan to carry out a counter terrorism project in the Muslim Communities across the country to sensitize and educate people/students to be more vigilant in order to sustain peace and security in Ghana

The Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) stated work on this project fulfills their mandate to address terrorism, violent extremism and to safeguard peace and security.

Pius Yeboah Nimako, NUGS General Secretary advised that government/policy makers should improve analysis and evaluation of the social and political effects of anti-terrorist policies on social cohesion. He called for strategies and designs that are more discerning and transparent than simply designating dangerous groups as terrorist.

NUGS pledged to cooperate on all fronts to ensure a comprehensive approach to counter terrorism is reached.

Terrorism is a large and multi-faceted menace, thus a comprehensive strategy that has a much greater focus on systemic co-ordination across the country, by involving not just the intelligence agencies but primarily the Islamic Communities and all stakeholders will make it harder than ever for terrorists and their cronies to plan and carry out attacks.

This allied approach requires unity around the common goal of preventing terrorism, extremism and radicalisation in the Islamic Communities and individuals.

Pius Yeboah Nimako added,

“It is my conviction that for a counter terrorism strategy to be truly effective it must be correspondent with practical measures to pursue those who would do us harm, to disrupt radicalising propaganda messaging, to protect our country against attack and to be properly prepared should the worst happen”.

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) showed much appreciation to the partners of the Launch of Advocacy For Counter Terrorism – the Islamic Research Association of Ghana, the Islamic Peace And Security Council of Ghana (IPASEC), the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) and the Media.

NUGS appreciates their contributions and resolve to deal with the challenges of terrorism, extremism and radicalisation.

NUGS also appreciated Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu for his kindness and time. We appreciate the priceless opportunity.

It is the fundamental concern of the Union to promote peace and security and fight against terrorism – an existential threat to the Ghanaian student.

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