The National Union of Ghana students on 18th June 2019 took part in the launch of the Youth Connekt Ghana 2019 at the Bank of Ghana Auditorium,University of Ghana, Legon.

The program was under the theme:

“Connecting the Youth of Ghana for Continental Transformation through Innovation and Creativity”.

The National Union of Ghana Students’ was represented by Miss. Vida Opoku Agyemang, Women’s Commissioner of the Union.

The Youth Connekt Ghana is a program aimed at empowering the youth to be independent and empowered. It is also a network to bring the youth together for development.

The program involves sets of programs designed to incorporate the youth into the socio- economic growth process and governance.

The National Youth Week or Convention which is an allied event to the Youth Connekt Ghana Launch is a one week event to celebrate, appreciate,recognize, plan and forecast the youth of Ghana. This event has the Hangout, Connekt and Go lead modules which are all aimed at developing the youth.

NUGS is committed to advocating, educating and safeguarding the interests of Ghanaian students.

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