The National Union of Ghana Students has paid an official working visit to the national secretariat of the Nations Builders Corps (NABCO) to discuss how best the Union can collaborate with their outfit in embarking on a national suicide prevention tour taking into consideration the number of students who die each semester through suicide.

The Union, over the past few years, has noticed, with despair, the unwelcome frequency of students committing suicide each semester in the various institutions in the country.

As a mother union that thinks greatly about the welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian student, NUGS is committed to developing possible ways of engaging the students in addressing the various challenges that may lead to the individual student not feeling the real essence of him/her staying alive.

The CEO of NABCO, Anyars Ibrahim(PhD) was delighted in meeting the leadership of NUGS and used the opportunity to give brief details of his involvement in the activities of NUGS in the late 20th Century as a local NUGS President of the University of Ghana and also National Vice President of NUGS in the 1998/1999 academic year.

Dr. Anyars in his address noted with keen interest the willingness of his outfit to equip the youth, especially students in the area of entrepreneurship since the main purpose of NABCO is not only to provide jobs for the youth. He further stated that suicide is a big challenge to the growth and development of our nation and for that matter should be looked at with all seriousness.

“My outfit is ever ready to collaborate with NUGS to organize forums and also engage students reading Psychology in the various tertiary institutions in addressing the suicide menace”,

he stated.

The President of NUGS, Mr Tinkaro Asare Osei in his address expressed his appreciation to the outfit of the Nation Builders Corps for the discussion and engagement that will help save the lives of many students and youth and better equip them for the future of our country, Ghana and pledged the commitment of NUGS to spearhead such a campaign which will be of much benefit to students and youth of the country.

NUGS is ever committed to keep the general student body of Ghana updated on the progress of this tour.

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