The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) takes pleasure in wishing all Ghanaian in general, and Ghana students in particular, a merry Christmas. Today, we join our fellow Christians in the country to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. As we rejoice in the birth of the saviour, let us not forget HIS eternal message –one of sacrifice, boundless love, compassion and hope.

As we retell HIS story from the manger to the cross and reminisce on HIS love, let us not forget HIS toils, sweat and blood. We owe it a duty to work in HIS sacrifices. This calls to mind how our student mother union(NUGS) was brought into being.

Few years ago, the students of Ghana, determined to give vision to themselves, conceived and gave birth to this Union with a unique purpose; to protect and safeguard the rights and interest of Ghanaian students.

We acknowledge that, there is much work to be done and we do not intend to overlook that, especially in a time when some people still believe with the delusion that they belong to a different sectional line of NUGS.

In the face of all the myriad of problems which have overwhelmed NUGS and the nation’s education front and their associated repercussions on the ordinary Ghanaian student, let us expect that the leadership of NUGS, led by Tinkaro Asare Osei , who are in a better position to act; would rise up to the occasion in providing the much needed voice to the silent majority of students who are overwhelmed in such quagmire.

n this festive season, let us go in the way of safety, thanksgiving, charity and be back in the way full of love and renewed spirit. NUGS is once again delectated to wish all Ghanaian in general and Ghanaian students in particular a merry Christmas.

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